Test drive available skins

Amberjack tours can be skinned and customized with ease. Click on a skin to test drive it:
  • Model_T | Files
    Test drive me!
  • Safari | Files
    Test drive me!
  • Tux | Files
    Test drive me!
  • Black_Beauty | Files
    Test drive me!
  • White_Wave | Files
    Test drive me!

Important notes

  • The most basic way to configure a skin for your tour is to use the Tour Wizard to select from available skins (You need to click "More options").

  • If you're a coder, you can simply add a skinId param to your tour's entry-URL and you are done:

  • If you like, you can then tailor a chosen skin by setting some CSS values.

  • If you are the creative guy or need maximum flexibility, basic HTML & CSS skills are sufficient to create your very own skin and even share it with others here. How to create & share »

Amberjack is a private, non-profit project by Arash Yalpani