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The wizard makes tour creation a breeze. Set desired options through the form and copy & paste the resulting HTML code into your site's template.

  • Basic
  • Skin
  • Behavior
  • Captions
  • Advanced options
  • URL 1
  • URL 2
  • URL 3
My tour needs more pages !
Choose skin ID from skins page
e.g. IntroTour, WelcomeTour, MyCompanyTour

Is opened when user clicks next button on your tour's last page
e.g. Page 1 of 3, Page 1 / 3
e.g. Close, Close me
e.g. Previous, Less
e.g. Next, More
e.g. http://my.com/amberjack/extend/extends.css
e.g. http://my.com/amberjack/extend/extends.js
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